Here's how you can spend vacations in Portugal at half the cost
of most European travel destinations, and without paying the hefty
commission fees
involved when dealing with a travel agent...

"Portugal Best-Kept Secret Villa Guarantees You
Authenticity, Culture And Unforgettable Memories
When Visiting This Place With Your Friends Or Family

  1. Spend restful days with your family in a unique rural villa from the beginning of the 1900's!
  2. Drink incredible Portuguese wines from the best wine producing regions in Portugal!
  3. Play exciting golf near the sea completely away from all city stress... just 20 km distance from the house!
  4. Get a good sun tan in the beach during the summer months in one of the many Atlantic beaches located only 30 minutes away from this villa!

   ... In the only place in Portugal where you can spend enticing days exploring the hidden cultural secrets of the amazing 'Minho' region... where Portugal was born as a country in 1139 - yes, that's exactly 866 years ago!"

Above is an amazing video presentation of the Portugal Secrets
House, the wines you'll be able to drink... and all the cities, beaches
and golf courses you'll be able to explore in the north of Portugal.
Click on the play button above to watch this 5 minute video.

  From: Frederico Vila Verde
  Subject: About Portugal's Best Kept Secret Place!

      Dear Friend,

      If you're thinking about visiting Portugal in 2017 (or next year), you'll now have the chance to discover the romance and passion of Portugal by taking your family or friends to a place, where Portuguese wines are a thrilling event from the moment you arrive.

      If you like to travel and meet different cultures, you'll be probably amazed by the hospitality, and wealth of Portuguese culture you'll experience since the moment you step inside the Portugal Secrets House.
     But so far there was a one big problem...

     There was never a villa in Portugal that could provide you with the insider secrets about the north of Portugal, its 'Minho' region, or show you how it is to live in a lost corner in western Europe, where you can now live like a real Portuguese local person - during the 7, 15 or 21 days of your remarkable stay!
     Look, if you like to have the hotel travels kind of lifestyle -- like waking up in the morning and have breakfast served straight to your door, or spending restful days with your kids on a big swimming pool - then don't waste your time here, since the 'Portugal Secrets' I'm about to share, will not interest you at all.

     However, what if you could...

Spend your vacation in Portugal and...

  1. Enjoy our excellent Sun... Usually the weather is sunny all day long during the summer time, from June until September, with temperatures rounding 25º to 30º degrees Celsius on average - or 77º to 86º degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.

  2. Visit the city of Oporto... Discover plenty of interesting monuments, churches, bridges and wine cellars in this city considered in 2001 to be the European Capital of Culture.

  3. Experience Portuguese true hospitality... Whether in restaurants or on the streets, I challenge you to see how friendly and kindly people will be to you, since we are known to be one of the most hospitable countries in Europe!

  4. Visit hundreds of Churches... We are known to be a very religious country, so you'll be able witness our religious legacy and even pray inside one of the hundreds of churches we have here for you to visit!    
  5. Enjoy our finest foods and wines... The north of Portugal is known because of the famous Port Wine that comes from the "Douro" Region, and local gastronomy is regarded as one of the best in Europe.

  6. Make a tour to the Port wine cellars... Visit one of the many dozens of cellars you'll find in Oporto and taste Port wines from the best Port wine producer's like: Barros (1913), Borges (1884), Croft (1678) or Taylor's (1692)! 

  7. Invite your lover to make a romantic cruise on the Douro River... Nowadays you can take your lover in a romantic cruise in the upper Douro Valley to see the oldest wine region of controlled denomination in the world, demarcated by law since 1756.

  8. Play Golf in one of the six golf courses you'll find on the north of Portugal... With six golf courses for you to choose from, you can decide to play near the beach with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean or play on mountain golf courses with spectacular views over surrounding peaks and valleys!

  9. Get a good sun tan on the Beach... there are a lot of Atlantic beaches in the north of Portugal where you can find large expanse of sand for you to take your lover on a romantic walk.

Introducing The Portugal Secrets House

Let me prove to you right now that I'm actually providing you a quality place for you to stay, by taking a look at some pictures below...

This is a secret villa in the Minho Region - north of Portugal!

Where you can relax with your friends ar family and enjoy plenty of Portuguese wines!

Now please take a quick look at some of the house features, because inside the Portugal Secrets House you'll find:

  • Three bedrooms with a total of four beds - one double bed and three single beds (on request you can have an additional mattress for one extra person to make it 6 in total!)
  • Two bathrooms and one has a washing machine for your laundry!
  • One kitchen with dishwasher, fridge, microwave and two stoves: an electrical/modern stove, plus an old Portuguese wood burning stove.
  • One Living room
  • One Dining room
  • Fireplace
  • Barbecue
  • Central heating system
  • TV and stereo

Take a Visit To The Ground Floor

Better than telling you what you'll find inside, is to actually show you, in real pictures, how the Portugal Secrets House looks inside. See it for yourself ...

Here's the ground floor, where you'll find 3 rooms for you to sleep:

Room # 1 (on the left) with a bed for two persons, and Room # 2 (on the right) with two beds for one person each.

Room # 3 with a single bed for one person and a little desk in case you feel like reading a book before you sleep

"We have fallen in love with your country
and your house... Plenty of sun, as well as
bird songs, and church bells, have given us
the peace and rest we needed."
Marit, Britt, Julie, Marianne, NORWAY

"Dear Frederico,

We have had a wonderful stay in the Portugal Secrets House! Thank you for all the good wine, your superb instruction on the Estela Golf Course (plus the green fees) and for recommending the 'Pedra Furada' Restaurant. The Kid was delicious and we are going back tonight for 'Bacalhau' (NOTE: That's the Portuguese word for codfish)

We have fallen in love with your country and your house, and we might be back before you know it. We will certainly recommend this kind of holiday to our friends.

Breakfast in the lovely kitchen, followed by a coffee in the open (or vice-versa). Then off to various interesting sites, and back to the ancient house for pleasant, lazy nights. Plenty of sun, as well as bird songs, and church bells, have given use the peace and rest we needed.

Thanks again for all you've done to make our stay so nice and memorable.
Kind Regards,

- Marit, Britt, Julie, Marianne
Bergen, Norway


Click here to read the
original handwritten testimonial!

Now A Visit To The First Floor

And here's the first floor with...

A dining room with a fireplace (left picture) and the kitchen with its two different parts: there's the old Portuguese part of the kitchen (right picture) and below...

The modern part of the kitchen all equipped with fridge, dishwasher machine, micro wave and an electric oven!

A living room where you can relax and play cards, chess or checkers!

Secret places likes this one in Portugal are a great way to improve your health, reduce your stress and breathe the "real" or authentic Portuguese way of life by tapping into all our most guarded habits, traditions, festivals and historical roots.

In fact, I think this villa is so "Portuguese" that I'm willing to help you personally.

Before doing that, please listen to what Virginia Van Vactor from Portland in the United States, who flew almost 9000 km (or 5600 miles) to travel to Portugal, had to say about her stay in the Portugal Secrets House.

"We found this part of Portugal interesting and very relaxing. The home lovely. Easy to use!" Virginia Van Vactor, USA

"This is Virginia from Portland Oregon... My family and I have just spent two weeks here at the Vila Verde's really lovely country home.

I think if you'd look at the Portugal Secrets photos you have an idea of the home, but it really does not do it justice, it is really a lovely... lovely home! We are a family of four, as I said before my husband and I our 17 year-old daughter and 10 year old daughter.

From the point of living, I have found the house very, very easy to use... fully equipped... the surroundings are pleasant! We spent many hours playing cards and just relaxing!

The neighboring town of Barcelos was very easy to use and pleasant. We thought it was a lot of fun, and getting to anywhere is a lot of fun.

We found this part of Portugal interesting and very relaxing. The home lovely. Easy to use! Frederico and his family lovely also.

And we hope you have as nice time here as we did!

- Virginia Van Vactor, Portland United States

Here's The Portugal Secrets House Exact Location In
A North Of Portugal Detailed Map of The Minho Region!

Take a look at the Google map below, because if you are interested in visiting Portugal, then I will tell you that you can enjoy the comfort of a rural house located only 40 km (or 25 miles) in the north of Oporto...

View Larger Map

It is only 35 minutes by car from Oporto, in a little town with the name of Gueral. The nearest town is Barcelos, only 8km (or 5 miles) north of our little village.

Gueral is an excellent place for you to choose, in case you want to use the Portugal Secrets House as a platform to visit the most interesting places in the north of Portugal - for instance, like Guimarães, the place that gave birth to Portugal in 1139.

And before you arrive here's the most useful tourist information you should know like...

  1. The location of the nearest airport... The airport Francisco Sá Carneiro is located only 8 km (or 5 miles) north of Oporto, only 25 minutes or less away from the Portugal Secrets house! Car Hire Portugal offers great value and convenient as is widely available from the airports. Booking in advance is recommended and I find offers excellent prices.

  2. The 6 top places you shouldn't miss during your trip to the north of Portugal... Oporto, Bom Jesus in Braga, Guimarães, Viana do Castelo, Gerês National Park, and the Douro Valley in Régua!

  3. The 4 most interesting places worthy of a detour in the north of Portugal... Vila do Conde, Barcelos, Ponte de Lima and Ponte da Barca!

  4. The 6 golf courses you'll find outside of Oporto... the Estela golf Course (what I call the "St Andrews" golf course in Portugal), the Ponte da Barca Golf Course, the Ponte de Lima Golf Course, Amarante Golf Club, Miramar Golf Club and Oporto Golf Club!

Just read what Gabriele and Juri Prits from Scotland had to say, in their own words, about the 'Minho' region and their stay in the Portugal Secrets house...

"We stayed within the Minho region and
weeks were not enough to visit all
the charming towns and sea side places
around here."
Gabriele and Juri Prits, Scotland

The 'Portugal Secrets House' is the ideal location to explore the north of Portugal. We stayed within the Minho region and two weeks were not enough to visit all the charming towns and sea side places around here.  

Were ever we went the local people were friendly, helpful and did points us into the right direction if we got lost. But thanks to the well organized tourist info library in the house and Frederico's step-by-step road directions and maps this did not happen too often.

The house itself is beautiful decorated, spacious and well equipped. The kitchen is a fantastic mix of old and new. It just felt like being 'at home'. The peaches plumbs from the garden were delicious. A compliment to the house wine too.

Don't miss the market on Thursday in Barcelos. If you fancy a special treat visit the Caldas da Saude thermal bath and don't miss to visit Santo Tirso. We had a great time here.

If you happen to come to Scotland again it would be nice meet you at our home. All the best,

Gabriele and Juri Prits, Aberdeen Scotland  

So if you would like to visit western Europe and experience a rural lifestyle in a small house in the country, then keep reading this page because the Portugal Secrets House is the perfect place for you...

Discover Beaches, Waves and Sunset When
You Visit the North of Portugal (Minho region)!

Gueral is only minutes away from the best beaches in the north of Portugal. Imagine yourself relaxing on some of these fabulous beaches that are just minutes away...

With perfect sea waves

And with a perfect sunset

Just read what François Lebailif, from Moullouse in France, had to say about the beaches and the Portugal Secrets house himself...

"You have the Sea not far, with large sand
beaches for all tastes, with waves, without
 François Lebailif , France

Hi, good morning. This is family Lebaillif, French, who speaks to you from Frederico Vila Verde's House located at Gueral, Portugal.

We were six persons who have just spent over one week vacations in his house which is very bright, very pleasant, old, very well equipped, very well rebuilt with a garden, vegetable-garden, barbecue, with shade zone, with sun zone, located in a very pleasant small village.

The nearest locations are very pleasant also, since you have the sea not far, with large sand beaches for all tastes, with waves, without waves, very touristic or not touristic, and small cities around like Braga are very pleasant for a visit.

A bit further you have Porto and the Douro Valley. Frederico's villa is very well located as a base, as a platform to visit the nearest locations around.

It was a very pleasant stay we have spent here and we invite you do the same. Bye and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Family Lebaillif.

- François Lebailif
Moullouse, France

Click here to read the
original French testimonial!

And a car is absolutely necessary if you decide to spend your holidays in the Portugal Secrets House. In fact, it is the number one condition for you to visit the most interesting places around it.

If you can't bring a car from your home country, then you should consider the option of renting one from the airport "Francisco Sá Carneiro" near Oporto. Just pick there one when you arrive, and leave it there again when traveling back to your home country.

It's that easy!

And Here Are The 9 BIG Bonus I'm Going To Include
During Your Stay in the Portugal Secrets House!

Vacation Bonus #1:

Get 10 Bottles Of Portuguese Wine Per Week 
From My Father Wine Harvest (20€ value!)

My father has a little wine harvest 3 minutes away from the Portugal Secrets house. So, if you decide to spend your holidays in the Portugal Secrets house, you'll immediately get 10 bottles of Portuguese wine (Vinho Verde) per week.

If you come for 2 weeks you'll get 20 bottles.
If you come for 3 weeks you'll get 30 bottles.
If you come for 4 weeks you'll get 40 bottles.
And so on...

You can drink the Vinho Verde wine...You can taste it...or you can even take the 10 bottles per week back to your home country!

But, please make sure you enjoy the wine during your holidays in Portugal.

Here's what Jacques Lebaillif, from Moullouse in France, had to say about all the Vinho Verde wine he tasted during his stay in the Portugal Secrets House...

"You can drink all Day long the very good
"Vinho Verde"."
Jacques Lebaillif France

"Yes, my name is Jacques Lebaillif. I rent the house from Frederico near Porto, and near Barcelos. It's a fine house, old one, a very old one. It's an old farm, well furnished, and it is very, very nice!

Okay, and which is very interesting is the surroundings, so you can visit all the half of the north of Portugal, including towns like Guimarães, and Braga, and so...

And, you can rest all day long if you prefer, and you can get some tomatoes from the garden... and what is very important you can drink all day long the very good "Vinho Verde".

Okay it is a very good holidays for us and I hope everybody could have the same sensations!

Have a nice day. Bye!"

- Jacques Lebaillif, Moullouse France

Vacation Bonus #2:

Discover Natural Grown Fruit That Is
Waiting For You In My Backyard (15

How would you feel like to waking up in the morning, going into my backyard, picking up one apple from the tree, and eat it just before your breakfast?

It would feel great to start your day, wouldn't it? And you can do it every day as long as you stay in the Portugal Secrets house.

You see... I have around 11 fruit trees in my backyard. So, you just have to choose which fruit to eat during your holidays.

Depending on the season of the year you'll find: apples, oranges, peaches, grapes, and many other fruits to choose from. 

All this fruit is my backyard... waiting for you to come and pick it! And you can eat as much as you want during your stay.


Forget paying for fruit during your vacations! You can now eat fruit directly from my backyard for FREE, as long you spend your holidays in this rural house.

Vacation Bonus #3:

Enjoy My Father's Vinyl Collection
Of Portuguese Music (this one is priceless!)

During the last 40 years my father has been collecting editions of Portuguese music... especially in Vinyl. Back in the 1960's there where no CDs like today!

So, if you come to Portugal, you'll have access to a private collection of around fifteen LPs with the best Portuguese music from the last 40 years.

Among the best selections, you will get the opportunity to listen to the typical Portuguese music "FADO".

And there are plenty of albums to choose from... Amalia Rodrigues, Zeca Afonso or Alfredo Marceneiro are just some of the names you'll have access to.

Now, as you can see, there is no hotel in the world that can come up to you and share this priceless Portuguese vinyl collection... And you can listen to it for as long as you want during your holidays in Portugal!

Probably, you won't have time to listen to all the records during your short stay, but, you'll certainly have something special to remember from your vacations in Portugal that a regular hotel with swimming pool couldn't have given you, right?

Vacation Bonus #4:

Why You Won't Hear About My
Restaurant's List Anywhere Else...(a 10

If you decide to spend your holidays in this rural house you can have access to my special Restaurant's List, which includes: the best restaurants and food to choose from any Portuguese menu list in the north of Portugal.

The fact is that I'm able to zoom ahead and discover the newest and best restaurants before you see them in a regular travel guide. How you ask me? Well, it's simple...

Reason #1: I live in Portugal and I have been in more restaurants then you will ever be in such a short stay.

Reason # 2: I regularly research travel agencies, newspapers, websites, and I read their recommendations and information very carefully.

Reason # 3: I ask my family, relatives and friends about whether or not their money was well spent on the restaurants they have visited...

I always love to know in advance if the restaurants lived up to the "menu" promises, because the truth is that sometimes they don't!

And best thing is that I will leave this information on a special tourist archive, but only in case you decide to spend your vacations in the Portugal Secrets house. You'll find quality recommendations in small advertising papers, so that you can choose only the best restaurants from the list.

My job is to save you time and money. Period! You'll never get these personal endorsements in a regular travel agency or travel guide. Just believe me...

Newsflash: An Optional Program!

If you want, you can go and have dinner with me to a good Portuguese restaurant out of my own personal choice!

During the meal I promise I will guide you step-by-step on what are the best Portuguese dishes you can choose from the menu --  and you won't have to learn Portuguese to understand it. I will translate the menu for you instead!  

The only catch is this. You have to pay for the bill! ;-)

Vacation Bonus #5:

I Will Grant You Twenty Hours Of Free
Internet Access During Your Stay!
(a 20

What would you feel like if you had the possibility of checking your email on a daily basis during your stay?

How would you feel like, if you could send all the pictures you have in your computer to your relatives and friends, who are so anxious to hear news about your trip to Portugal?

Well, one of the good things about your stay is that you'll get this very special bonus, which will allow you to communicate with all your relatives and friends around the world, because I will grant you Twenty hours of free internet access Per Week!

To benefit from this bonus, the only thing you will have to do is to bring your laptop computer to the Portugal Secrets House. The connection in the house is made using a 56k line, and as long as you have a modem installed in your computer, the internet will work.

Vacation Bonus #6:

Access My Jam Packed Collection Of tourist
Leaflets And Books About Portugal (a $20 value!)

Over the last five years my father and I have been collecting plenty of leaflets and books about Portugal. In fact, whenever we decided to make a small trip around the north of Portugal, I would always go to the nearest tourist office and gather the most interesting leaflets they had available there.

The result of all this hard work, has been the creation of two full blown and jam packed archives with useful and relevant information about all the top places, cities and monuments for you to see around the Portugal Secrets House.

I have even gone to the point of visiting the main tourism office here in Oporto where I was given a huge amount of leaflets about all the interesting villages, cities and monuments to see in the north of Portugal.

"20 Years Ago we were there (Portugal) and What we have Seen now was Another Place, Another World..." Jesus Saro, Mexico

Hi Frederico,

We have really spent some wonderful days during our stay in Portugal. Twenty years ago we were there and what we have seen now was another place, another world, maybe because you prepared us so well all the trips and proper places for the time we had available to discover your Portugal Secrets.

We have never experienced anything like we did with you, and we want to thank you for all the time you spent with us, your preparation and your details ever since the first moment you have received us in person. And above all, your kindness!

The house is something precious and the trust you have put on us was 100%. I think we have left you the house as it was, all equipped, especially the kitchen, which was a great honor for us. In the end I think we have received an excellent service from you and from all the Portuguese people.  


- Jesus Y Concha Lupe Saro
Mexico, Copahuila
Click here to read the
original Spanish testimonial!

Vacation Bonus #7

Let Me Personally Take You And Your Family On A Visit
To My Favorite Port Wine cellar for FREE (a 20

Look, there a lot of wines cellars in Oporto and probably you won't know which one is the best one for you to visit on a single day.

Therefore, I invite you to come with me to my favorite Port wine cellar for FREE where you'll be able to look at Port wine bottles that date back to the period of the World War I and World War II.

Yes, it is true...

There are Port wine bottles in my favorite Port Wine cellar that date back from 1947 and even 1917, and I am sure you'll love the wine cellar, previous guests of ours certainly did.


"Thanks again for showing us the treasures at [Cellar].", Jill Jarret USA


We have now returned from our travels. It was a great trip! We enjoyed meeting you and thank you so much for the lovely wines. Thanks again for showing us the treasures at [Cellar].


Jill Jarret, USA  

NOTE: [Cellar] is the name of my favorite Wine cellar that was deliberately removed here, since only people who visit it with me know this Portugal Secret!

Vacation Bonus #8

Get One "Vintage" Bottle of Port Wine and Four Portuguese
Table Wines
from The Best Wine Producing Regions In Portugal!
50 value!)

You'll get a very special and vintage Port wine bottle I will personally choose for you, and 4 Portuguese table wines to drink during your stay, so that you can compare the Vinho Verde wines against reputable demarcated wines from other regions in Portugal like: Alentejo, Douro, Bairrada and Dão.  

After all, given the customs restrictions you'll face when you leave Portugal back to your home country, wouldn't it make much more sense to drink all the quality Portuguese wines while you are here in Portugal?

That's why, during your stay in the Portugal Secrets House, you'll have the opportunity to taste some of the most interesting and delightful Portuguese wines I will personally choose for you. This is a very personal offer, and I doubt that any travel agency or expensive hotel would be interested in offering this experience to you.

Portuguese Wines Update: One of our recent guests was so excited with the quality wines he received from this bonus alone, that he took ALL the wines I had available for him in the Portugal Secrets House back to his home country! And you can do the same... No problem!

Vacation Bonus #9

I will Pay You ONE Green-Fee *Per Week* Out
Of My Own Pocket For You To Play Golf On The
"St Andrews" Golf Course In Portugal! (a
113 value!)

I am so convinced that you will love your stay in the Portugal Secrets House, that I am going to give you ONE green-fee Per Week for you to play 18 holes on the Estela Golf Course (a $65 value)!

But why this golf course you ask me? Simple...

Because I have played myself in the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland last April 2004, and there are so many similarities between these two golf courses (the Estela Golf Course and the Old Course in Scotland) that I think this is the # 1 place were you should play if you ever come to visit the north of Portugal. Period!

SIDE NOTE: In case you don't know what the Old Course Golf course is, then I can tell you that it is the oldest course in the whole world with over 600 years of history! Golf is played there since 1413.

Frederico on Tee #1 in the
Old Course St Andrews!

I have played in both of them and I highly recommend them to you because...

The Estela Golf Course is a Portuguese golf links built on a three kilometer long stretch of sand dunes on the beautiful Minho coast line.

Optionally, you can also play on the Ponte de Lima golf course. This is a typical mountain course, covering six kilometers of gorgeous countryside and restored historical mansions.

Here are two very powerful reasons why you may also want to play there:

Frederico on Tee #1 in the
Estela Golf Course where
you'll be able to hit your drive too!

Reason #1: - Hole number 3 is considered the longest hole in Portugal and one of the longest in Europe. This is a par 5 with 622 meters long - that's 680 yards!

Reason #2: Because hole number 9 provides an amazing view of the Lima Valley and Viana do Castelo... a town only 20 kilometers away and near the sea!

So , not only do you get an excellent house where you can bring your family, but you can also play ONE round of 18 holes for FREE in my favorite golf course in the north of Portugal during your stay!

Gueral and the 6 golf courses
where you can play! 

And if you don't feel like bringing your own set of golf clubs then don't worry... you can always rent some at both club houses!

"Estela is a beautiful link's course...
All in all our two weeks here have been
wonderful! I highly recommend it if you are
looking for a Rural Experience in Portugal!"

Thom Brown, USA

"Hello. This is Thom from Portland Oregon! The best things for me about Portugal Secrets House are...

- One, Frederico Vila Verde one of the owners. He really makes your stay here easy and very welcome!

- Two, the Golf Course at the Estela Golf Club. That's a beautiful link's course and Frederico and his father, Augusto, are wonderful people to play with and enjoy this beautiful golf course!

- And three the Location of the House... It's in a rural area, in a small town, called Gueral, about twenty minutes from both Barcelos a wonderful little town, and Vila do Conde a larger city where there is a shopping center that we found to be very helpful to us, both because it had a large supermarket and also because it had a movie theater that had English movies!

... All in all our two weeks here have been wonderful! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a Rural Experience in Portugal. Thanks!"

- Thom Brown,
Portland, United States

I'll bet by now you're "worrying"
about the price...

I am really excited to announce that the Portugal Secrets House was solely rebuilt by my parents efforts, and it took over 4 years to rebuild the place you have seen before in the pictures.

In fact, my father spent countless hours and weekends with his architect to make a construction that is nearly as rural and typical as it was in the beginning of the 1900's.

Because my father spent a LOT of time digging to find the right design solutions to make the house as Portuguese as possible in your eyes, there is no other villa on the market which can make such a personal and traditional offer.


Designed to be a unique rural house, this is the ONLY Portuguese villa you'll ever need for your vacations in Portugal..because staying in the Portugal Secrets House will be like breathing Portuguese culture from the first day you arrive!

Plus, since there is no other villa on the market who can make you such a personal and traditional offer I am making to you right now, how much do you think it would cost you to rent a house like this in the north of Portugal?

Or to be realistic, how much would it cost you rent a house that took 4 years to rebuild and that has the most traditional Portuguese materials like solid granite and wood?

My friends all tell me that I should sell this weeks package for no less than 200 € a day... and they say that people would flock to it at this low price. Quite frankly I agree, because you can bring up to 5-6 people to the Portugal Secrets house under normal conditions.

Anyway, I'm not going to sell this weeks package for anywhere near 200 € a day... And here's why: I want you to be totally thrilled with the Portuguese hospitality and personal attention you'll get!

And that's why I've decided to rent the whole Portugal Secrets villa for only 125 € per day for a rental during the months of May Until September, and only 100 € per day for a rental from October until April! (Prices referred here are regardless of the number of people coming)

DISCLAIMER: We will NOT be offering the Port wine, the four Portuguese table Wines and golf bonus offer for bookings under 500 €. For these situations you'll only get the other bonuses, but never these I've mentioned here on this disclaimer.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Given the sheer quantity of valuable bonus that I've packed into this brand-new offer, I want you to know that I *do* expect these bookings to vanish rather fast. And since I work on a first come first served basis, if you come back again in the future, and the special 2017 launch bonuses are gone, there's nothing I can do for you...

Book the Portugal Secrets Villa Today!

To book the Portugal Secrets Villa, we will require that you leave a 50%  booking deposit fee, that is refundable only until 90 days before your arrival. The remaining 50% rental price is paid on the day you arrive
- in cash or by credit card online.

You can freely choose the arrival and departure dates you want on ANY day of the week (like Monday, Saturday, Wednesday, etc). The house must only be free by 12 noon on the day of your departure. You can make the booking deposit fee by choosing one of the following payment options:

Option #1: Credit Card

To pay by credit card please call to this number +351 919138776 and inform us  about the dates you will be traveling to Portugal, as well as, the age of the people who will stay in the villa. After 24 hours we will send you a special link to a page where you can process your credit card reservation. You can also contact us online. Click here to send your inquiry! 

Option #2: Wire Transfer

To pay by wire transfer,
please call to this number +351 919138776 and inform us  about the dates you will be traveling to Portugal, as well as, the age of the people who will stay in the villa. After 24 hours we will send you our full national bank account details by email or mail - as you prefer. You can also contact us online. Click here to send your inquiry!

I really hope this information helps you on your decision to spend your next vacations in Portugal, because we will make sure you are treated as a real guest in our beloved Portugal Secrets house.

With that said, please note that I will also be giving you my personal phone number, email address and even my residential home address in case you want to contact me at any time, to prove I deliver on everything I promise. My personal information is:

Rua do Bom Sucesso, 64, 51
4150-147 Porto
Home Phone: +351 22 6065118
Mobile Phone: +351 91 9138776

Frederico Vila Verde


Yes, that is my real home address, and real home phone number! You can verify this by simply calling my mobile phone number above (GMT time) or emailing me.

Remember, you are just minutes away from securing a place in one of the most typical rural villas in Portugal... Your family will be really excited and thrilled the next time they play golf, taste wines or listen to Portuguese music inside the Portugal Secrets House. Click here now to send your inquiry!

Yours Sincerely,


P.S. By renting the Portugal Secrets House you can now spend vacations like a real local living in my home country. You will not simply get a house for your stay, but you'll also get a unique place where you can taste Portuguese quality wines and play golf for free once per week on the Estela Golf Course. Click here now to send your inquiry!

P.P.S. Still not convinced that this personal offer will meet your vacation requirements for your family or friends? Then, let me give you one more reason on why the Portugal Secrets House is absolutely one of the most typical rural places in Portugal... because you are not just getting a house to stay, but you are renting a whole property!

There are three fields around the house where you can take your lover for a walk. Or simply watch, from time to time, the rural activities that take place there; like the harvest of corn in September, the harvest of hay baling in the Spring, or grape harvesting in October... and this means more entertainment during your vacations, right? Click here now to send your inquiry!

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